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You can send a request by calling * 6776 r by filling in the form on our website, as well as writing to the email address

Any legal and physical entities acting in accordance with the laws of the country including offices, organizations, private companies, state institutions etc. can buy an OSS number.

Yes, it is possible to call OSS number from stationary numbers.

All Mobile and Stationary Operators functioning in the country support OSS number..

Call from stationary numbers to the starred number is free.

When you obtain a starred number, there is no need for any equipment; you can even connect the OSS number to your current call center.

Yes, selection of these numbers is free in 0001 9999 format.

In this case, a separate starred number can be obtained for each brand. As well as, you can set up a call center (IVR) for these brands in the same starred number.

No, starred numbers do not function outside of the country.

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